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Hello Monday

Who I am

Hey there! I’m a music-loving developer, designer and entrepreneur who currently lives in New York, where I landed in November 2012. However, I took my first breath and have spent my childhood in the heart of Scandinavia, Oslo in Norway.

I’ve worked on a wide range of projects, and pride myself with the ability to deliver a well-produced and visually appealing end product, no matter what the scale.
I consider myself extremely fortunate because my "job" simply consists of me doing what I love, so I hardly look at it as "work."

At the age of 16, I got my first job as a web developer at Egmont, one of Scandinavia’s leading media groups. Exposed to the fast "I need it by yesterday" world of web development, my skill and experience level rocketed.

In 2011 I graduated as a Graphic Design student from Westerdals School of Communication and moved to Stockholm to continue to pursue my dream studying Digital Media at Hyper Island.

In November 2012 I joined the forces of Hello Monday in New York.

What makes me tick? Develop and produce digital services and solutions that makes the gap between the offline and online world smaller.

What I can offer


Web development

I have developed everything from small corporate identity websites to large-scale social communities with tens of thousands of members. By always utilizing the latest technologies makes me able to always deliver high quality products on time and budget.


Mobile development

Mobile is huge and it keeps growing. That means it’s more important than ever to jump on the mobile bandwagon. With great communication with the client and by utilizing the latest technology, allows me to deliver a complete app - finished designed, implemented and user tested.

UI/UX Design

Interface design

A background in graphic design has given me great insights into designing crisp and clean user interfaces. For me it’s important to achieve a balance between content and visual aesthetics. I feel successful is achieved through knowledge, imagination and most of all great communication.

A to Z

I bring ideas to life

Being part of the creative industry for many years has made me a "jack of all trades". I’m able to work on a project from the conceptual, design and wireframe phase, all the way to final execution and production.

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